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This ciné-poem is locked in the tradition of the poet-playwright Tony Harrison's TV work, with a creaky, old-fashioned feel to the visuals and a slight over-earnestness of performance that distracts from the 'message' - the despoliation of the environment, our misuse of the gift of technology and the imperative need for us to wake up to our power to change things for the better by co-operation rather than competition. In this free-form modernisation of Aeschylus's Prometheus Unbound, Feast's Hermes ('spin-doctor' of Zeus) scorns human futility and frailty in endless rhyming couplets, as the golden 'souls' of Yorkshire miners are smelted in Germany, before a 30ft gold statue of Prometheus is driven through Eastern Europe to its combustion in Greece. There's pleasure to be had in the dexterity, humour and robustness of the prose, but as drama, it's turgid.

By: WH


Release details

126 mins

Cast and crew

Tony Harrison
Tony Harrison
Jonathan Waistnidge
Fern Smith
Walter Sparrow
Audrey Haggerty
Michael Feast
Steve Huison
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