Psychic Killer

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Although not up to sophisticated John Carpenter standards, Psychic Killer - with Hutton released from an asylum in possession of a mysterious medallion which enables him to wreak revenge on those responsible for his wrongful commitment - wouldn't disgrace the Corman stable. A good, cheap, diverting horror exploiter with a reasonably developed sense of its own ridiculousness (a couple of funny, bloody murders), and a cast of old hands (Adams, Ray, Brand) who know a hilt when they see one, and boy, do they play up to it. Ray Danton used to act in films just like this, and if not inspired, his handling of the grotesque is both sure-footed and fun.

By: SM


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Raymond Danton
Greydon Clark, Mikel Angel, Raymond Danton
Paul Burke
Jim Hutton
Julie Adams
Nehemiah Persoff
Neville Brand
Aldo Ray
Whit Bissell
Rod Cameron
Della Reese
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