Film, Horror

Time Out says

When Pennsylvanian country-dweller Ed Harley's kid gets (accidentally) killed by a group of marauding young townies on motorbikes, the aggrieved father (Henriksen) seeks justice, or more precisely, vengeance. Aided by the mythically wizened old crone from Black Ridge (Schauffler), he invokes the rampaging form of Pumpkinhead, a 15-foot monstrosity who doesn't believe in penal reform and with whom one does not mess lightly. From there on it's stiff-city for the unfortunate kids, as well as some hellish rewards for Harley himself. Having established himself in make-up before moving to directing, Winston eschews the usual frustratingly fleeting glimpses of 'monster-in-very-poorly-lit-surroundings', and - with the help of the creature-effects team that brought you Aliens and Predator - delivers more than ample amounts of full-bodied fantasy. Henriksen is superbly anguished throughout, his pectorals and cheekbones competing for the most exciting on-screen spectacle award.

By: MK


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

Stan Winston
Mark Patrick Carducci, Gary Gerani
Lance Henriksen
John DiAquino
Jeff East
Florence Schauffler
Kimberly Ross
Joel Hoffman
Cynthia Bain
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