Purple Taxi


Time Out says

Filmed in Ireland, with Boisset not the only French director of his generation to be seduced into making a mystery movie with a whimsical flavour, this is one of the worst French movies of the decade: a confused attempt at creating intrigue out of the lives of several expatriates trying to escape their past. None of the English-speaking stars look like they know what's going on, especially Astaire, bowling round the Irish countryside in the taxi of the title. Thank God the best French film-makers have realised that making an English-language movie is not as easy as it seems; pity it took a disaster like this to ram home the message.


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

Yves Boisset
Michel Déon, Yves Boisset
Peter Ustinov
Charlotte Rampling
Fred Astaire
Philippe Noiret
Edward Albert
Agostina Belli
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