Quante Volte…Quella Notte


Time Out says

Imagine Rashomon remade as a tame and frivolous '60s sex comedy and shot with the zoom happy, retina-challenging elan characteristic of the director. We're offered four accounts of the same evening out: she describes a farcically failed rape, he a seduction; the lewd night porter tells of another couple and a same-sex pairing off, while a psychiatrist infers chaste abstention. The audience may prefer a fifth version where the cast is massacred by one of Bava's mad axemen; though let's spare Pascale Petit, a starlet ten years earlier and about to become surplus to requirements, still spirited and good humoured in her final role.


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Mario Bava
Mario Moroni
Daniela Giordano
Brett Halsey
Dick Randall
Pascale Petit
Michael Hinz
Brigitte Skay
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