Quatorze Juillet


Time Out says

The opening shot, in which Périnal's camera cranes sinuously around Meerson's distillation of a Paris quartier to the accompaniment of Jaubert's gently lyrical score (what a team!) is followed by a series of vignettes introducing the principal characters as they prepare for the 14th July festivities. It's lovely but, oh dear, you think, I bet there's going to be a story. In fact, there isn't much of one. Taxi driver Rigaud and flower girl Annabella (emblematic '30s occupations) are lovers. They fall out, spend some time being separately unhappy, until Clair contrives a whimsical reunion for the finale. It's the most Borzage-like of Clair's romances, with such incidents as the death of the heroine's mother lending unaccustomed weight to the proceedings.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

René Clair
René Clair
Georges Rigaud
Raymond Cordy
Pola Illéry
Paul Olivier
Raymond Aimos
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