MUM'S THE WORD Mirren feels her royal pain.
MUM’S THE WORD Mirren feels her royal pain.

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Manuel Gmez Pereira cribs heavily from Pedro Almodvar in this broad farce centered on gay weddings in Spain. Days before the nuptials, the grooms’ overbearing mothers—including Almodvar vets Carmen Maura, Marisa Paredes and Vernica Forqu—have gathered, sending everything into a tailspin. The reception hall’s kitchen staff is on strike, the judge has had a coronary, and Forqu can’t rein in her libido. Thankfully, the charms of these seasoned pros keep the silliness in check: One look at Paredes descending a staircase in full screen-goddess mode proves that while they may be headed for a breakdown, these women are hardly on the verge of retirement. (Opens Fri; Angelika.)—Dan Avery



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