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Time Out says

While certainly not one of Altman's most successful movies, this excursion into the sci-fi genre was unfairly criticised or neglected upon release. Set in a bleak landscape during a tough, inhospitable ice-age, it concerns a seal trapper (Newman) and his wife (Fossey) who wander into a strange, desolate city where they meet a group of people playing a mysterious game, for which the stakes gambled are life and death. Slow, humourless, and occasionally over-emphatic in its use of symbolism, it's nevertheless a fascinating film, which manages to work thanks to its absolute mastery of atmosphere.

By: GA


Release details

118 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Altman
Frank Barhydt, Robert Altman, Patricia Resnick
Paul Newman
Vittorio Gassman
Fernando Rey
Bibi Andersson
Brigitte Fossey
Nina Van Pallandt
David Langton
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