Rabid Grannies

Film, Horror

Time Out says

An opportunistically retitled Belgian horror pic, courtesy of Troma Inc, in which a group of mercenary nephews and nieces gather for their aged aunts' annual birthday party. Half way through dinner, the two old girls are transformed by a surprise present into grotesque, vengeful crones, who vomit green slime and are a little short on familial affection. Crucifixes, holy water and pump-action shotguns prove useless as the vicious oldsters rip, slice and hack their way through the assembled relatives. The cheapskate special effects are reasonably effective, but the characters are cardboard, the plot negligible, and the dubbed 'English' dialogue literally unspeakable. The fact that the old ladies are neither rabid nor grannies - they are in fact Possessed Aunties - is conveniently ignored.

By: NF


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Emmanuel Kervyn
Emmanuel Kervyn
Elie Lison
Catherine Aymerie
Danielle Daven
Anne-Marie Fox
Jack Mayar
Françoise Moens
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