Race with the Devil

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Less a race than a chase, with holidaymaking Fonda, Oates and wives fleeing a bunch of Texas Satanists whose human sacrifice they've barged into. A crescendo of near-miss car smashes, horrible discoveries in the caravan, and out-of-order telephones, convinces the quartet that the whole state's bent; by which time we think so too, and dread the outcome. A wittily efficient quickie, the film is a winner all the way - a surprise, since Starrett's career thus far had been the movie director's equivalent of a criminal record. But it was scripted by Lee Frost and Wes Bishop, who produced another jolly horror, The Thing With Two Heads and who started classically by making sex films in a garage.

By: AN


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Jack Starrett
Lee Frost, Wes Bishop
Peter Fonda
Warren Oates
Loretta Swit
Lara Parker
RG Armstrong
Clay Tanner
Jack Starrett
Wes Bishop
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