Radio Days

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Radio Days

Time Out says

Woody Allen is always weakest when nostalgic: indulgence leads to caricature and overstatement. Set at the start of World War II, the film follows the fortunes of a family of Jewish underachievers. Against the backdrop of their predictably colourful obsessions, a glimmer of a story charts the progress of Farrow from Manhattan nightclub cigarette-girl to celeb of the airwaves. The real star, however, is radio itself, that pre-TV purveyor of everyday unreality against which wartime America measured its dreams. It's a great idea for a movie, but Allen fatally opts for a Fellini: Amarcord approach of formless narrative, larger-than-life coincidence, and rambling ruminations on what times there used to be.

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Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Seth Green
Dianne Wiest
Kenneth Mars
Josh Mostel
Diane Keaton
Julie Kavner
Jeff Daniels
Mia Farrow
Michael Tucker
Danny Aiello
Wallace Shawn
Tony Roberts
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