Radio Flyer


Time Out says

'History is all in the mind of the teller; the truth is in the telling' - so Tom Hanks instructs his young son by way of a preamble to this fanciful coming-of-age tale, which failed to find a theatrical distributor in Britain after bombing in the States. You can see why the script attracted big bucks: it has an accentuated literary air that must have read like 'class', a serious angle - child abuse - and it's all couched in the magic juvenilia of a Spielberg (Donner directed Goonies). It's the story of two brothers, their mother (Bracco), and the violent alcoholic who becomes their stepfather (Adam Baldwin in a pitiless role, photographed Spielberg-style from the waist down). It's not a total loss, but the voice-over is infuriatingly overdone, as if the film-makers didn't trust the visuals, the kids are resistible and the tone's discomfortingly cute.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Donner
David Mickey Evans
Lorraine Bracco
John Heard
Elijah Wood
Joseph Mazello
Adam Baldwin
Ben Johnson