Raid on Entebbe

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Heroic jingoism and some sentimental moments aside, this version of the Israeli raid on Entebbe airport (shot as a TV special and considerably better than Victory at Entebbe), catches a good deal of the breathless excitement of the first media reports of that made-for-the-movies military operation. Predictably, no time is wasted on the PFLP's version of events, though suave Horst Buchholz, leader of the unattractive kidnappers, is allowed one moment of humanity when he finally declines to blow up the prisoners. Resisting his recent propensity for effects, Kershner adopts a sensibly straightforward approach to Barry Beckerman's boiled-down and politically low-key narrative. In this he is self-effacingly assisted by his well-cast stars (avoiding caricature, Yaphet Kotto gives a notably intelligent and charismatic impersonation of Amin).

By: JPy


Release details

118 mins

Cast and crew

Irvin Kershner
Barry Beckerman
Robert Loggia
Yaphet Kotto
Horst Buchholz
James Woods
Sylvia Sidney
Tige Andrews
John Saxon
Eddie Constantine
Jack Warden
David Opatoshu
Martin Balsam
Peter Finch
Warren Kemmerling
Charles Bronson
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