Raise Your Voice


Time Out says

After the death of beloved brother Paul, Terri (Duff) struggles with the decision to defy her overprotective dad and pursue her spotlight-centered dreams. Terri learns she's been accepted into a "prestigious" performing-arts program on the West Coast—apparently, the academy's admissions office was charmed by Paul's homemade movie about Terri's positive attitude, complete with footage of the aspiring chanteuse warbling into a hairbrush. She heads to L.A., where she encounters a host of catty classmates and a rocky romance with dreamy singer-songwriter Jay (James). If you're not put off by the vocal stylings of its ubiquitous starlet, you'll probably find this innocuous tweener fare bearable.


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Sean McNamara
Hilary Duff
Oliver James
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