Rana's Wedding


Time Out says

A bit like Divine Intervention, this interesting Palestinian movie locates a vein of absurdist comedy in the impossible conditions in occupied East Jerusalem. Like a screwball heroine, Rana must be wed before the day is out, or she'll have to leave the country with her father. Fortunately, she has a likely candidate in mind. Unfortunatetly, he's not answering his mobile and when she tracks him down he's in Ramallah. The conceit may be stretched a bit thin, but there are some very striking sequences here, like the clever little riff on surveillance cameras.

By: TCh


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Hany Abu-Assad
Liane Badr, Ihab Lamey
Clara Khoury
Khalifa Natour
Ismail Dabbagh
Bushma Karaman
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