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Time Out says

A modest British thriller, in the same mould as The Internecine Project, which seems similarly intent on dealing with issues of contemporary relevance. The action is set in Scandinavia, and concerns two terrorist actions: the kidnap of the British ambassador at his residence; and the hijack of a passenger plane on the tarmac of a nearby airport. Law and order security chief Colonel Tahlvik (Connery) is given the task of handling the situations - only to discover that all is not what it seems. Although Wrede and his photographer Sven Nykvist are more than competent, the movie nevertheless has a distinct air of triviality, due mainly to the made-for-TV ethos that seems to surround the whole production. Some stock characters and formula dialogue don't help either.

By: GSa


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Casper Wrede
Paul Wheeler
Sean Connery
Ian McShane
Norman Bristow
John Cording
Isabel Dean
William Fox
Richard Hampton
Robert Harris
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