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Time Out says

In what the production notes describe as 'a bitingly funny and disarming journey through the landscape of American sexism', the (women) film-makers have collated some fifteen or so interviews with men involved in some way or another in what is called the 'consumer zone'. Quite what this grisly assortment of wits and raconteurs thought they were letting themselves in for is a mystery. It is not a pretty sight. The interviews range from 'Ugly George', he of the successful cable TV show - the travelling Mr Camera who persuades passing 'pieces of ass' to strip in alleyways for a quiet bit of nationwide exposure - through Madison Avenue lingerie execs boasting of overcoming the bra-burning threat, to a gang of gaga war vets, given the opportunity to enlarge on their perception of traditional sex roles. Sexism? Nah, we can't spell it, but heck, we's can do it anyway! There's ample evidence in this film to confirm that some 15 years after what has been called the 'second feminist wave', the nasty extremes of sexism are only too alive and well. But what of the ethics of documentary film-making? The poor damn fools who people this document may have been too obtuse to comprehend the intentions of its makers if it was spelled out to them. But was it? And does it matter?
Written by WH

Release Details

  • Duration:93 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Paula de Koenigsberg, Lucy Winer
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