Film, Horror

Time Out says

Mulcahy went from Duran Duran videos (the epochal 'Rio' among them) to a rampaging boar in this souped-up eco shocker of a movie debut. Searching for his wife, an animal activist missing in the outback while investigating the slaughter of kangaroos, Harrison comes across a mysterious meat-canning plant, sundry male chauvinist psychos and a malevolent razorback porker with a dingo-like penchant for baby-snatching. While grizzled hunter Kerr merrily chomps away at the equivalent of Robert Shaw's role in Jaws, Mulcahy directs with a mixture of self-conscious artiness (exaggerated lighting effects, brief surrealist flourishes) and B-picture zip. He's badly let down by the effects team's dismayingly mechanical killer beastie, but the charnel house of the Petpak Cannery is certainly a good spot for a gruesome final-reel showdown.

By: TJ


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Russell Mulcahy
Everett De Roche
Gregory Harrison
Arkie Whiteley
Bill Kerr
Chris Haywood
David Argue
Judy Morris
John Howard
John Ewart
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