Re-Animator 2

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Five years after the 'Miskatonic Massacre', mad scientist West (Combs) conducts Frankensteinian experiments in creating human life: mixing re-animating serum with an iguana's amniotic fluid, he bypasses the brain to inject new life into autonomous body parts. Sadly, the film has the same quality, its spastic, sloppily assembled plot jerking around with no hint of governing intelligence. After an hour, some semblance of direction is achieved as West and his partner Cain (Abbott) graduate from limb grafts to produce a splendidly ghoulish 'bride' (dead patient's head, metal-clasped torso, dancer's feet, hooker's legs, the heart of Cain's dead lover) as the object of Cain's perverse desire. Meanwhile a maniac cop, assorted loons and hordes of mausoleum mutants besiege the basement lab, and West's arch-rival Dr Hill (Gale) - undeterred by the loss of his body - plans a flying visit. The excessive blood-spurting gruesomeness and cartoonish stop-motion effects trivialise the horror and undercut the would-be black humour in this travestied sequel to Stuart Gordon's hugely enjoyable film.

By: NF


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Brian Yuzna
Woody Keith, Rick Fry
Jeffrey Combs
Bruce Abbott
Claude Earl Jones
Fabiana Udenio
David Gale
Kathleen Kinmont
Mel Stewart
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