Record of a Tenement Gentleman


Time Out says

A widow, Tane, reluctantly shelters a young boy for the night when her neighbour discovers him lost and alone in the city. On further investigation, it seems that the boy's father, a carpenter, has abandoned him out of poverty. Tane tries to do the same, but the boy will have none of it. They strike a deal - as long as he stops wetting his bed, he can stay. This is Ozu in optimistic mood, which is not to say that loss and resignation don't figure in large part (no film-maker ever had a surer grasp of the melancholy of everyday things), just that here the generosity of spirit seems irresistible - and irresistibly comic. (And Chishu Ryu sings!)

By: TCh


Release details

72 mins

Cast and crew

Yasujiro Ozu
Yasuhiro Ozu, Tadao Ikeda
Choko Iida
Hohi Aoki
Eitaro Ozawa
Mitsuko Yoshikawa
Sokichi Kawamura
Hideko Mimura
Chishu Ryu
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