Red Rose, White Rose


Time Out says

Stanley Kwan, director of the sublime Rouge and Actress, has adapted the most famous Chinese account of the war between men and women, a novella by the late Eileen Chang, preserving every ounce of the book's irony and sarcasm. In pre-communist Shanghai a western-educated man (Chao) runs away from his torrid mistress (Chen, never better) and marries a traditionally submissive girl (Yip)...and proceeds to turn her into a neurotic wreck. Easy to imagine Fassbinder liking this story, and he'd have loved the way Chris Doyle's hallucinatory cinematography accentuates the plot's twists of the knife.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Stanley Kwan
Liu Heng, Edward Lam
Winston Chao
Joan Chen
Veronika Yip