Red Rose, White Rose


Time Out says

Stanley Kwan, director of the sublime Rouge and Actress, has adapted the most famous Chinese account of the war between men and women, a novella by the late Eileen Chang, preserving every ounce of the book's irony and sarcasm. In pre-communist Shanghai a western-educated man (Chao) runs away from his torrid mistress (Chen, never better) and marries a traditionally submissive girl (Yip)...and proceeds to turn her into a neurotic wreck. Easy to imagine Fassbinder liking this story, and he'd have loved the way Chris Doyle's hallucinatory cinematography accentuates the plot's twists of the knife.

By: TR


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Stanley Kwan
Liu Heng, Edward Lam
Winston Chao
Joan Chen
Veronika Yip
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