Red Satin


Time Out says

When respectable Tunisian widow Lilia suspects her teenage daughter Salma of having an affair with musican Chokri, she tracks him to his workplace and enters the exotic world of the Red Satin cabaret. Though initially repulsed by the sexy, sordid and smoky atmosphere, Lilia keeps returning, perhaps for friendship, perhaps to learn a little more about herself. Tradition and religion are starkly contrasted with fashion and fun in this first feature and, while the film is vibrant with colour, the ambiguous denouement might suggest that a woman's life choices remain starkly black and white.

By: JFu


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Raja Amari
Raja Amari
Hiam Abbas
Hend El Fahem
Maher Kamoun
Faouzi Badr
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