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Suburban housewife Nancy Aglet's childhood ordeal of demonic possession is becoming a recurring nightmare. Beset by demons emerging from her TV set, Nancy (Blair) starts spewing green vomit over her children, writhing on vibrating beds, and threatening the neighbourhood priest in a gruff voice. The kids suspect PMT, but Nancy knows better, as does retired exorcist Father Mayii (Nielsen). Originally conceived as a spoof of The Exorcist, this was extensively re-edited when test screenings showed that 15-year-olds simply didn't understand the references. Afraid of losing the teen market, writer/director Logan excised the subtler humour and pasted in a batch of unrelated and (supposedly) crowd-pleasing bawdy gags, notably a lengthy gym sequence wherein Father Mayii gets fit to fight the devil, allowing Nielsen to wander into women's showers, gaze at women pumping up their bosoms, play with brassières, etc. The result may be worth a few cheap pubescent laughs, but Exorcist fans will doubtless feel cheated.

By: MK


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Bob Logan
Bob Logan
Linda Blair
Ned Beatty
Leslie Nielsen
Anthony Starke
Thom J Sharp
Lana Schwab
Robert Fuller
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