Time Out says

Despite strong performances, particularly from Burstyn and Shepard, a rather embarrassing look at the subject of faith-healing, with Burstyn finding she has the power after she survives a car crash which kills her husband. Problems develop with her Bible-thumping parents (she insists it's love, not God, that helps her heal), and with Shepard, a beneficiary of her gift who treats her with erratic, tormented reverence after romance develops between them. The film is let down by Petrie's bland, prettified direction, and by a script from Lewis John Carlino which is forever going on hippy-style about the Power of Love.

By: GA


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Daniel Petrie
Lewis John Carlino
Ellen Burstyn
Sam Shepard
Richard Farnsworth
Roberts Blossom
Clifford David
Pamela Payton-Wright
Eve LeGallienne
Lois Smith
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