Return of the Living Dead Part II

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Not even a nuclear explosion, it seems, can prevent a sequel to a tongue-in-cheek zombie pic. A surviving canister of zombiefying fumes rolls off an army truck and is punctured by a pair of teenage meatheads, once again releasing a weird fog that revives the occupants of an adjacent graveyard. The rest is a virtual re-run, with 12-year-old Jesse (Kenworthy), his older sister Lucy (Dietlein), and handsome cable TV-installer Tom (Ashbrook) enjoying such edifying experiences as a bunch of zombies turning a pet shop into a brain emporium. Karen and Mathews, heroes of Part I, are also resurrected for guest appearances as a pair of grave-robbers; fortunately they get theirs early on. Unlike O'Bannon's film, this is merely repetitive and dull, the tedium relieved only by the graphic brain-eating and Philip Bruns' deliciously OTT performance as the mad Doctor Mandel.


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Ken Wiederhorn
Ken Wiederhorn
James Karen
Thom Mathews
Dana Ashbrook
Marsha Dietlein
Suzanne Snyder
Philip Bruns
Michael Kenworthy
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