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Driver needs a new heart; building super- visor Duchovny is happily married to zoologist Richardson; signpost - Joely's got the 'marked for death' role. A car crash later, and guess who's going to benefit from a heart transplant and new romance. Hollywood gush in the classic mould it is too, though this semi-charming romantic comedy plays like it was the most natural thing in the world, an approach which happens to be the movie's strength and weakness. It's pleasing to see a movie rolling out its central idea so straightforwardly, avoiding Nora Ephron-ish superslick one-liners, and allowing Duchovny and Driver to do what they do best. Writer/director Bonnie Hunt performs onscreen heroics in the wise best-friend role, all the while sharing house with amiable spouse Belushi in a warmly convincing sketch of messy but true two-point-four child domesticity. We like them, we're rooting for Dave 'n' Minnie, we'll even forgive the thick Oirish ham served by her old dad O'Connor, but it's all because we're waiting for a triple-hankie surrender which, regrettably, never fully materialises.

By: TJ


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Bonnie Hunt
Bonnie Hunt, Don Lake
David Duchovny
Minnie Driver
Carroll O'Connor
Robert Loggia
Bonnie Hunt
David Alan Grier
Joely Richardson
Eddie Jones
James Belushi
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