Return to Oz

Film, Fantasy
Return to Oz

Time Out says

Dorothy (Balk) slips back into the dreamworld of Oz, where she finds a crumbling Yellow Brick Road and Oz itself deserted and desolate. In restoring order, she has to contend with the likes of the Nome King (Williamson), part-human, part-avalanche, and Princess Mombi (Marsh), a decapitation hobbyist with her eye on Dorothy's Christmas pudding of a head. Despite the presence of Billina the talking hen, the emphasis on insecurity and peril harks back to the treat-'em-rough days of children's fiction, and the disturbing/comforting ratio tilts conclusively towards the former. Some startling visuals (Will Vinton's Clay-mation effects) and streaks of gruesome whimsy will perhaps be best appreciated by grown-up sensibilities.

By: BBa


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Walter Murch
Walter Murch, Gill Dennis
Piper Laurie
Michael Sundin
Fairuza Balk
Tim Rose
Jean Marsh
Matt Clark
Nicol Williamson
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