Revenge: A Love Story

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

The revenge in this violent Hong Kong police thriller belongs to Kit (Juno Mak, also the writer of the story), a shop assistant whose wife was raped at some time in the film’s past. In the present, Kit is arrested on suspicion on being a notorious killer who murders cops and horrifically guts the pregnant wives of their unborn kids. The police interoggation kicks off a series of flashbacks which reveal the truth of the story and slowly explain why Kit – who we know for sure is the killer – has come to be the person he is and why his crimes have taken on such a terrible, warped focus. It sounds like a film for fans of Asian gore and tricksy crime investigations. Reviews have praised the film’s balance of the emotional and horrific.



Release details

Release date:
Friday November 25 2011
90 mins

Cast and crew

Wong Ching-Po
Wong Ching-Po
Juno Mak
Sola Aoi
Siu-hou Chin
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