Revenge of the Dead


Time Out says

This wreck could best be summarised as a really bad episode of Night Gallery, endlessly protracted. The makers appear to have dabbled in cinema in much the same way that their characters dabble in the occult: ineptly, and with horrendous results. Christopher Lee has been enlisted to give a pre-credits pep talk, but surely he couldn't have seen what follows: a cut-rate catalogue of amateur acting, botched continuity, mismatched footage, and all-embracing incompetence. Purporting to portray a paralysis victim's psychically-conjured monster, the film-makers feel obliged to spike the mess with derivative, adolescent 'humour' and a dose of prurient sex. Not even the aesthetic of trash could be used to defend this saddening spectacle.


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Evan Lee
Keith Burns, Ray Atherton
Larry Justin
J Arthur Craig
James Habif
Robert Clark
Doug Senior
Christopher Lee