Revenge of the Nerds

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Of all movie genres, the Yankee hi-jinks college comedy, populated by nauseating stereotypes (the hunky super-bonker sportsman, the outrageous but loveable slob, the token black man with riddim, girls with huge busty substances) is surely one of the most expendable. Kanew's film takes a timely hatchet to them all, with a bunch of nerds, fed up with being dumped on by the star fraternity, deciding on all-out confrontation to seek retribution. The resulting mêlée occasionally degenerates to utter filth (the belching contest has to be heard to be believed), but most of the time is a fine balance of send-up and superior slapstick. The only worthy successor to Animal House.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Jeff Kanew
Steve Zacharias, Jeff Buhai
Robert Carradine
Anthony Edwards
Tim Busfield
Andrew Cassese
Curtis Armstrong
Julie Montgomery