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New Turin Mafia chief Don Vito enjoys immersing enemies in caustic soda and turning them into bars of soap, but this won't wash with Ricco, whose dad, the previous chief, was rubbed out in Vito's bid for top position. Back in 1962, Demicheli tried to launch Sean Flynn in The Son of Captain Blood as natural swashbuckling successor to dad Errol, and failed miserably. Here he tries the same trick with Robert Mitchum's second son Chris and succeeds, if only because it's far easier to walk around half-asleep than it is to leap up a ship's mast. Arthur Kennedy as Vito lends a small measure of reliable respectability, but it's not enough to get this superordinary revenge movie off the rocks.

By: PM


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Tullio Demicheli
Santiago Moncade, José G Maesso, Mario Di Nardo
Christopher Mitchum
Barbara Bouchet
Arthur Kennedy
Malisa Longo
Paola Senatore
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