Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Gérard (Taxi) Pirès' first outing in English is an 84-minute 'extreme sports' soft drinks ad: the same credibility, the same meticulous characterisation, the same high octane tang. Here are dull stunts; a buffed, cutely multi-racial crew of thieves who don't arouse even mild interest, much less a frisson; and far too much smirking. Will crook mastermind Slim (Dorff) outsmirk bent cop MacGruder (Payne)? But there's more than fictional larceny going down here. Riders ransacks Heat, and hotfoots it with that superior film's blue-tinted bank robbery, its snorting big trucks, its bearer bonds and the cop/thief tête-à-tête - right down to 'I won't hesitate...'


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Gérard Pirès
Mark Ezra
Stephen Dorff
Natasha Henstridge
Bruce Payne
Steven Berkoff
Karen Cliche
Clé Bennett
Steven McCarthy
Tom McCamus
Alain Goulem
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