Rien à Faire


Time Out says

Vernoux takes a remarkably fresh look at adultery and comes up with a small masterpiece. Bruni Tedeschi, superb as ever, plays an unemployed housewife living on a modern council estate; Dell'Isola is a likewise jobless executive from the same company where she once toiled in the store rooms. First meeting in a supermarket, they find that shopping at the same time alleviates boredom, reduces the social divide between them - and gives rise to something that may be love. Vernoux rightly realises that socio-economic circumstance is what makes the affair possible and inevitably limits its potential; at the same time, she never underestimates the emotional traumas and confusions experienced by the lovers, but, thanks to Dominique Colin's amazing 'Scope close-ups, to some marvellous music, and to an authentic feeling for time and milieu, she makes us empathise with and respect their passion.

By: GA


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Marion Vernoux
Marion Vernoux, Santiago Amigorena
Valéria Bruni Tedeschi
Patrick Dell'Isola
Sergi López
Florence Thomassin
Kelly Hornoy
Alexandre Carrière
Marco Cherqui
Chloe Mons
Marion Desfachelles
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