Río Escondido


Time Out says

A woman finds a letter written by a complete stranger to her husband, and fears that his many working trips may be covering up a secret life. Leaving Buenos Aires for a small town in the remote Mendoza Valley, she meets the woman in question - the first stap in a sometimes painful, often bewildering voyage of (self-)discovery. This is perhaps a little overstretched and a touch too solemn for its own good, but the performances are strong, the air of ambiguity and mystery is well sustained, the use of landscape is superb, and the compositions and camera movements are strangely reminiscent of late Hitchcock. A delicate parable about the need for trust and courage in a world where lives are often built on lies.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Mercedes García Guevara
Mercedes García Guevara
Paola Krum
Juan Palomino
Maria José Gabin
Matias Del Pozo
Pablo Cedrón
Elias Carrasco
Inés Baum
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