Risky Business

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

17-year-old Cruise suddenly finds himself in possession of the classic young man's dream: parents away for the weekend, empty house, his father's forbidden Porsche. He finds a girl, and she's a hooker, and they get on fine with all his friends ('Nice friends you have - clean, polite, quick'), and then the Porsche falls into Lake Michigan, and he gets pursued by Guido the Killer Pimp. So far, so glossy, a working comedy of embarrassment that hinges on the weird, and all as hip as a pair of Ray-Bans. What distinguishes it, however, is that it's hovering permanently on the brink of stark, staring disaster in a way that strangely recalls The Graduate. Good performances from Cruise and De Mornay. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Brickman
Paul Brickman
Nicholas Pryor
Bronson Pinchot
Rebecca De Mornay
Joe Pantoliano
Richard Masur
Janet Carroll
Tom Cruise
Curtis Armstrong
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