Road to Salina


Time Out says

A complicated little epic, told in flashback, concerning a rather sinister case of mistaken identity being imposed by Rita Hayworth and her screen daughter (tubby, snub-nosed Farmer) on an itinerant stud (Walker). In explaining just why this should be, the film gets through incest, a very unconvincing murder or two, a few flashes of rather unattractive genitalia, and a fair bit of sexual grumbling and grunting. As an excuse for the odd flash of tit and prick, well, better skinflicks have been made for less than a sixth of what Joe Levine must have coughed up to produce this.


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Georges Lautner
Georges Lautner, Pascal Jardin, Jack Miller
Mimsy Farmer
Robert Walker
Rita Hayworth
Ed Begley
Bruce Pêcheur
Sophie Hardy
David Sachs
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