Road Trip

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Josh (Meyer) has videoed himself singing love songs and whispering sweet nothings to his beloved on a far off campus. But the tape he's mailed actually features him having sex with another girl. There's only one solution - road trip! - which entails piling in a car with some mates and driving half across America to intercept the package. The ensuing frolics - the theft of a bus from a blind school, a visit to a sperm bank, an ill advised drop-in on an all-black fraternity, and some almost surreal business with a mouse - echo the-Farrelly brothers. But there's more on offer than outrageous action highlights. Although Meyer makes a colourless, if likeable lead, MTV comic Tom Green provides off the wall interludes as the narrator stringing the tale along, and best of all is DJ Qualls, the geek made good who finally rebels against his own timidity as the script's 'seize the day' ethos homes in on Revenge of the Nerds-style positivity. As in the inferior American Pie, the rutting males are rather sweetly befuddled creatures, which allows the good natured joshing to get away with parodically gratuitous nudity and some extremely non-judgmental, drug-related humour.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Todd Phillips
Todd Phillips, Scot Armstrong
Amy Smart
Seann William Scott
Rachel Blanchard
DJ Qualls
Breckin Meyer
Paulo Costanzo
Anthony Rapp
Tom Green
Fred Wards
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