Roadside Prophets


Time Out says

Writer/director Wool has created a genuine weirdo with her part allegorical, part satirical road movie. Complete with cameos from Timothy Leary, Arlo Guthrie and David Carradine, it's a throwback to the vacuous philosophising and psychobabble of the late '60s. And maybe this is fitting. As Joe (Doe) quests for a contemporary El Dorado in Nevada - where he wants to bury a fellow biker who electrocuted himself on a video game - we're continually witness to the conflict between present-day values, as embodied by Sam (Horovitz), who may just be the dead man's ghost, and those of the Summer of Love, as represented by virtually everyone Sam and Joe meet. For deadhead druggies only.


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Abbe Wool
Abbe Wool, David Swinson
John Doe
Adam Horovitz
John Cusack
Arlo Guthrie
David Carradine
Timothy Leary
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