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Time Out says

Fred'n'Ginge fans won't need a nudge, but the uninitiated should start with almost any of their other movies. The star role here belongs to Irene Dunne, hard to warm to as a musical performer. She gets the classiest Jerome Kern numbers, 'Lovely to Look At' and the indestructible 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes', both accompanied by staggeringly unimaginative camerawork. Other pills are Randolph 'Gee, that's swell' Scott, the fashion parade (this is what was called 'a woman's picture' before women became people), and the yukky plot revolving around Dunne's fluctuating fortunes as a Parisian fashion designer. Still, Fred - mind-bogglingly in a role Bob Hope played on stage - and Ginger do 'I Won't Dance'. And Ginger does her Polish accent. Remade in 1952 as Lovely to Look At.

By: SG


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

William A Seiter
Sam Mintz, Jane Murfin
Helen Westley
Luis Alberni
Ginger Rogers
Claire Dodd
Randolph Scott
Fred Astaire
Victor Varconi
Irene Dunne
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