Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

After escaping his infidel captors with Indiana Jones-style panache, Robin of Locksley (Costner) returns from the Crusades with Moorish companion Azeem (Freeman), ready to avenge his father's murder. Azeem cracks jokes about the English weather while Robin gets to know Marian (Mastrantonio), but it isn't until they engage in open conflict with the Sheriff of Nottingham (a gloriously hammy Rickman) that the pace picks up and arrows start to fly. The mix of comedy, '90s sensibility, and swashbuckling action is more hit than miss, even if the overall effect is rather slapdash. Spirited, irreverent stuff, but not for those who like their myths kept sacred.

By: CM


Release details

143 mins

Cast and crew

Kevin Reynolds
Pen Densham, John Watson
Kevin Costner
Morgan Freeman
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Christian Slater
Alan Rickman
Sean Connery
Geraldine McEwan
Michael McShane
Brian Blessed
Nick Brimble
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