Rock-a-Bye Baby

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

An often forgotten Lewis/Tashlin production (loosely based on Preston Sturges' script for The Miracle of Morgan's Creek) that contains some very good stuff indeed - all in the first half, unfortunately. Lewis is the lifelong fan of a movie star (Maxwell) who gives him her triplets to look after while she's in Africa making a film. The supporting cast is particularly good (Gardner, Conried, Connie Stevens), but the gear-change from manic slapstick (watch out for the berserk hosepipe) to cringing sentimentality about babies and nappies is hard to take. DMcG.

By: DMcG


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Tashlin
Frank Tashlin
Jerry Lewis
Marilyn Maxwell
Connie Stevens
Salvatore Baccaloni
Reginald Gardiner
James Gleason
Hans Conried
Isobel Elsom
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