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Not so much a movie as a scrapbook folly which captures Wings' last concert on their 1976 world tour. Held at the cavernous King Dome in Seattle, it's beer and skittles for affluent suburbia. Cheesy grins and dully-directed spectacle abound as the band zip through a selection of the greatest hits from the period - with an odd Beatle song thrown in to show who actually wrote it. Paul McCartney is the epitome of good-natured professionalism; Linda is gawky and excited; the late Jimmy McCulloch, pasty-faced and a mite nervous; Joe English, beefy and flailing; Denny Laine, laddish and competent. The show reinforces how erratic McCartney can be. While his voice, bass playing and songwriting can be genuinely adventurous ('Maybe I'm Amazed' is a rare high point), he still comes up with an inanity like 'Silly Love Songs' (surely a nadir in pop). And why does he persist in surrounding himself with musicians who flatter rather than provoke his talent? An interminable experience.

By: IB


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103 mins

Cast and crew

Paul McCartney
Linda McCartney
Jimmy McCulloch
Joe English
Denny Laine
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