Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

In 1952, when Cinerama was born, its makers placed a camera on the front of a Coney Island rollercoaster to magnificent effect. Universal here came up with the ingenious idea of incorporating the rollercoaster gimmick into a mad bomber thriller, and adding Sensurround for good measure. The results should have been sensational, not just because of the added sound effects, but because American rollercoasters were far bigger, faster and more chilling than they ever were in 1952. Rollercoaster does deliver its share of thrills, but ultimately the film-makers botched the job. Many of the best runs are interrupted by close-ups, and the filler plot is dumb in the extreme.


Release details

118 mins

Cast and crew

James Goldstone
Richard Levinson, William Link
George Segal
Richard Widmark
Timothy Bottoms
Henry Fonda
Harry Guardino
Susan Strasberg
Helen Hunt
Dorothy Tristan
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