Time Out says

A broody melodrama, set on the US-Mexican border, with Olmos, the con released after eight years in stir, returning to his family and occasioning crisis. He's a cock-fighting man, a macho old-schooler. He dismisses his son's bird-fighting prowess as a Filipino-Mexican match looms. His disturbed daughter (Lassez, looking like a younger Julia Roberts) wears angel wings and builds elaborate graveyards for dead pets, and clearly misses paternal care. His sister,'the encyclopaedia of love' (Alonso), has sex coming out of every pore. This plays like a melancholic Tennessee Williams piece - its dialogue betrays its theatrical roots - beautifully shot (by Villalobos Reynaldo) from dirt level under clear blue skies, accompanied by plaintive slide-guitar. Atmospheric, well-acted (especially by Olmos), but, as ever with middlebrow director Young, it ends disappointingly: all showing and no meaning.

By: WH


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Robert M Young
Milcha Sanchez-Scott
Edward J Olmos
Sonia Braga
Maria Conchita Alonso
Danny Nucci
Sarah Lassez
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