Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel

Film, Documentaries

Time Out says

Palestinian director Khleifi (Wedding in Galilee) and Israeli Eyal Sivan collaborated on this documentary road movie tracing the line of the partition of Israel proposed by the UN in 1947. Split into three sections (South, Centre, North) of 90 minutes each, it's an epic trawl, taking interviews with construction workers and artists, café owners and museum curators encountered en route. The slow attrition of entrenched grudges and prejudices is certainly dispiriting, but it's telling to note how such discordant stories are harboured by people with outwardly so much in common. As a goatherd comments, 'Jews and Arabs are cousins... they're both raving mad.'


Release details

270 mins

Cast and crew

Michel Khleifi, Eyal Sivan
Michel Khleifi, Eyal Sivan
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