Ruby Cairo


Time Out says

'What on earth was Johnny going to do with all that ink? And what did it have to do with his airplane salvage business?' What, indeed? Talking like a character out of a '40s thriller, Bessie Faro (MacDowell) follows a trail of baseball cards left by her deceased husband to a fortune stashed in various exotic locations: Mexico, Berlin, Athens. Neeson pops up briefly in Vera Cruz as a humanitarian 'Feed the World' worker, before reappearing as a romantic lead in sunny Cairo. Cue travelogue footage of pyramids, deserts, bustling markets. The script is packed with lines like 'Dead men do not write cheques' and 'Ink is the life-blood of civilisation', while Bessie must vocalise her every thought: 'Hmmm, this must be a code,' she declares, fingering a card covered in hieroglyphics that must, indeed, be a code. Add some unbelievably straggly plot ends, and you've got a good-looking package tour which can doubtless be written off against tax.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Graeme Clifford
Robert Dillon, Michael Thomas
Andie MacDowell
Liam Neeson
Viggo Mortensen
Jack Thompson
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