Rush Hour

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

When the daughter of the Chinese consul is kidnapped in America, the consul insists dutiful Hong Kong detective Lee (Chan) should play a part in the investigation. The FBI assume he'll be a nuisance and choose an LAPD cop, shrieky show-off Carter (Tucker), to 'baby-sit'. Lee and Carter see right through the plan. America is embodied by the rebellious, ambitious black man. Dope-smoking black gangsters are also shown to present a minimal threat to the establishment (they should be left in peace, is the implication). Much of the best dialogue, you suspect, was improvised by Tucker and Chan, who seem truly taken with each other and make a delightful, ordinary-extraordinary pair.

By: CO'Su


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Brett Ratner
Jim Kouf, Ross LaManna
Jackie Chan
Chris Tucker
Tom Wilkinson
Philip Baker Hall
Mark Rolston
Tzi Ma
Chris Penn
Elizabeth Peña
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