Russian Roulette

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

With the producers, director, and a number of the cast associated with Robert Altman films, one might have expected something a little more idiosyncratic than this straightforward thriller. Set in Vancouver prior to a visit by Kosygin, the film follows the sudden upsurge of movement by the Russians, the CIA and the Canadian Secret Police around a suspected plot to assassinate the Russian premier. Lombardo handles it all quite comfortably, dealing best with the action set pieces, and getting solid performances from most of the cast, with Segal as reliable as ever as a reluctant recruit to the espionage game.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Lou Lombardo
Tom Ardies, Stanley Mann, Arnold Margolin
George Segal
Cristina Raines
Denholm Elliott
Gordon Jackson
Richard Romanus
Bo Brundin
Val Avery
Louise Fletcher
Nigel Stock
Peter Donat
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