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Time Out says

An incompetently directed, incredibly tedious espionage thriller set in Rome. Williams is an American embassy official, Abraham a Jesuit priest, and Aiello the US consul: good actors wasted by the execrable process of dubbing. Although in sync, the line readings are all wrong; heavy pauses in mid-sentence, emphasis misplaced, the voices flat and unnatural. Trying to unravel the incomprehensible plot could be dangerous (despite several lengthy explanatory speeches at the end), but it revolves around a planned visit by the Pope to Russia; an unlikely cue for covert shenanigans from glamorous KGB agents, rough CIA men, worldly carabinieri, and Jesuit computer buffs. It's not nearly so much fun as it sounds, although the Gregorian chants are pleasant.

By: TCh


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Pasquale Squitieri
Valerio Riva, Robert Balchus
F Murray Abraham
Treat Williams
Danny Aiello
Rita Rusic
Luigi Montini
Robert Balchus
Nigel Court
Leopoldo Mastelloni
Rosanno Brazzi
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