Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

In a set-up lifted wholesale from Dirty Harry threepeat The Enforcer, and in a movie rehashed from a '70s TV show, Street and Gamble (Ferrell and Renner), of the LAPD special weapons unit, defuse a bank robbery at the cost of wounding a hostage. Street swallows a demotion, but catches the eye of Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson (Jackson), a new commando sent to spruce up the department's sullied image with a fresh recruitment of SWAT-heads. The green team receives its first assignment after a drug kingpin Martel offers $100m to anyone who can spring him from police custody. The high definition SWAT training footage resembles a US Army recruitment ad, appropriate since TV journeyman Johnson imagines downtown LA as an unpatrolled Baghdad, swarming with guntotin' mercenaries pursuing their share of the bounty. JWin.


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Clark Johnson
David Ayer, David McKenna
Michelle Rodriguez
Brian Van Holt
James Todd Smith aka LL Cool J
Colin Farrell
Josh Charles
Jeremy Renner
Olivier Martinez
Samuel L Jackson
Reginald E Cathey